Quality Time

November 3, 2023

As I continue to build my relationship with my dear old horse Saifur (a 29-year old I adopted 3 years ago), it's nice to see him stick with me even though I've returned him to the herd after our time together. This wasn't always the case, because normally...

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Power of Saying No

August 26, 2023

Stallions in the wild can not only be recognized by their body build, but also by the many scars on their body. Their willingness to set boundaries with other stallions to protect their mares and family can escalate into physical altercations with the risk of injury. People in the workplace, however, do not risk physical injury, and yet ...

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Leadership and Dominance

August 23, 2023

Here we have great untapped potential to learn from nature. In a herd, the most dominant animal is never the same horse that leads the herd, as is so often the case in the human world. The reasons for this are obvious. Those who are feared also enjoy the least trust, as they dominate others.

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Zwei Pferde geniessen den Moment

Where is your attention?

August 4, 2023

These two stallions experience stress, for example when they fight over mares in spring or when predators are nearby and they have to protect the herd. However, unlike humans, they do not keep the stress alive in their minds and therefore in their bodies when the event is over. Look at their body language...

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Emotional Intelligence

30. June 2023

When it comes to emotions, what works for humans doesn't work for horses. Growing up, I watched what it was like when someone exploded emotionally. Not wanting to go down that road, I subconsciously chose to suppress my emotions and feelings. This worked quite well until I started working with horses....

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22. June 2023

Imagine you are sitting on or walking next to a 500 kg horse and it gets nervous because it hears or sees something unfamiliar. In most cases, you also tense up, your body and breathing change as you either freeze or go into fight-or-flight mode, just like the horse....

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Inner Dialogue

10. June 2023

So many communication workshops focus on the dialog with other people. I believe we need many more workshops that focus on our inner dialog. It is this inner dialog that is so important to living a fulfilled and healthy life. How many of you have ever thought about how your heart...

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Pferde auf Wiese

Impact of our performance-based society on the horse world

11. March 2023

What is still natural in the horse world? The horse as part of nature is also affected by the pressure to perform in our society. The way we breed horses is already far removed from the natural process.

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Time for Yourself

August 21, 2022

Perhaps, like many people, you have just returned from vacation feeling relaxed and happy. You are doing well and you have done what you enjoy.

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Our Stories

22. July 2022

Letting go of our stories means letting go of the past and not bringing it into the present. I once had a client who was struggling to get my horse to move forward.

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Wisdom of the Body

22. July 2022

If there's one thing I really love about my horse Hummer, it's his clarity. There is no room for misunderstanding.

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