Wisdom of the Body

If there's one thing I really love about my horse Hummer, it's his clarity. There is no room for misunderstanding. When I ride Riverdance, Hummer often comes along and walks or trots alongside us. On the last two rides he stopped and didn't move. Of course I was a bit frustrated because I had been looking forward to a longer ride. However, I turned around and went back to the farm because I knew he wanted to tell me something. I later realized that he was limping a bit, which isn't so obvious when I'm riding Riverdance and not focusing on Hummer. Therefore, he had no choice but to stop to alert me that something was wrong.

To make a long story short: He made it clear to me where his limits were and that he would not exceed them. Apparently his arthritis was making itself felt, which can happen in winter but rarely in summer. This made me think about my own limits. In the past I often ignored what my body was telling me, I just carried on and played down my tiredness or pain.Thankfully, I have become more like my horses and listen to what my body needs and take action accordingly.

How well do you listen to your bodily sensations and give your body what it needs?