Living my Passion

I am very grateful and happy to being working as a life and leadership coach, bringing the wisdom that horses have to offer us into our own lives. They have been my greatest teachers and I love offering this opportunity to others who are ready to grow and live their true potential.

My Path with Horses

Sometimes, there are apparent detours on the way to living one's dream. However, my experiences shaped me into the person I am today and what I can share with others on their journey. I grew up and studied in California before moving to Switzerland in 1992. For over 12 years, I worked for international corporations (USA/CH), where I guided people through change processes, before horses entered my life at 35 years old. For a month, I had the privilege of working on a farm with disabled children and horses. What I observed in the interaction between horse and human touched me deeply. This experience became a turning point in my life. I decided to realize my childhood dream of working with people and animals.

The next three years were spent in jeans and cowboy boots on ranches (La Cense France & Montana, Parelli Center in Colorado, Furnace Creek Stables in Nevada), living with horses and learning from them. Life on the ranches, caring for over 100 horses, the basic training of young horses, and personally learning from great horse legends like Ray Hunt and Bill and Tom Dorrance from their books, strongly influenced my approach to horses. I learned to see the world from the perspective of the horse.

Mein Anfang

Eponaquest and Wild Horses

While I was still in Montana, I discovered a book by Linda Kohanov, a pioneer in the field of equine-facilitated learning in the USA. What I read there inspired me so much that I completed the training to become an Eponaquest Instructor with her in Arizona in 2011. I also attended her further training programs such as "Power of the Herd," "Sentient Communication," and "Master Herder Apprenticeship." I have also been inspired by the research of leading edge pioneers such as Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton and the Heart Math Institute.

After the three years abroad, I returned to Switzerland with a black Quarter Horse named "Hummer" from Montana. Here, I furthered my education as a certified equine behavior specialist to complement my experiential knowledge with a scientific understanding of horses. Later, I visited Bosnia-Herzegovina twice to observe and learn from the wild horses there.

Mein Weg

Humans and Horses

My goal is for individuals to better understand themselves and recognize and live up to their potential through interacting with horses. Horses have an incredible capacity and willingness to support us on this journey, if we are open to learning from them. I am very grateful for my wonderful horses Hummer, Riverdance, and Saifur, who are my great teachers in life.

One of my visions is to help improve the quality of life for horses. In my lessons I help riders become aware of what they think and how they act influence the horse's willingness to be with them. To reach a larger audience, I have also published two books and in 2023 created a magazine.

My Teachers and Friends

Hummer “Black Diamond”

Hummer is a very wise and self-confidence horse. He demands a true heart connection; otherwise, one cannot truly connect with him and work together constructively. He is accustomed to being "asked" first before considering doing something with a human. Otherwise, he feels he is not being taken seriously and expresses this clearly.



Riverdance is a highly sensitive and very self-confident mare – a true "Lady." Thanks to her beauty, she gets away with a lot. Riverdance demands very clear communication and requires your full attention. If your thoughts wander, she does the same. Then the connection is lost, and she finds something better to do with her time on.


Saifur is an older stallion. He loves getting attention, especially from kids when they brush him, go for a walk or grazing with him. Then he really lights up.



Redondo was a true gentleman as a stallion. I adopted him together with Saifur in August 2020. Redondo worked with a few clients before he unexpectedly passed away three months later.



I adopted Ribana together with a friend of mine when her owner passed away. She was an older horse and we enjoyed a few wonderful years together.