Power of Saying No

Stallions in the wild can not only be recognized by their body build, but also by the many scars on their body.

Their willingness to set boundaries with other stallions to protect their mares and family can escalate into physical altercations with the risk of injury. People in the workplace, however, do not risk physical injury, and yet there is something holding them back from saying no and setting boundaries with others.

If we look at it from a social conditioning point of view, women often have the idea that they have to be there for everyone else first before taking care of their own needs. Similarly, men have often been conditioned that they must be strong and show no sign of weakness.

How often do we put others' needs last before our own? When you realize that your behavior is simply the result of your conditioning - you have simply adopted beliefs from other people without questioning them - you can now begin to make choices that truly serve you and bring quality of life.

This quote has inspired me to say no more often: "Rest and self-care are so important. You can't serve from an empty vessel." - Eleanor Brownn