Where is your attention?

These two stallions experience stress, for example when they fight over mares in spring or when predators are nearby and they have to protect the herd.

However, unlike humans, they do not keep the stress alive in their minds and therefore in their bodies when the event is over. Look at their body language in the picture. Both horses are completely relaxed.

Horses would not survive in the wild, if they did not return to their natural state of rest and relaxation as soon as a stressful event is over.

Every time we talk to someone about a challenging situation (which shows up as a drama created by our ego to get the attention of others) and relive the same emotions, our body can't tell if the stress is real or just from our story that we keep telling ourselves and others. Our body reacts in the same way. It switches into fight-or-flight mode and sends stress hormones through the body.

We all know that this is not healthy, and yet we find ourselves in this state again and again. How much of the past is really relevant to the moment you are experiencing right now?