Inner Dialogue

So many communication workshops focus on dialog with other people. I believe we need many more workshops that focus on our inner dialog. It is precisely this inner dialog that is so important in order to lead a fulfilled and healthy life.

How many of you have ever thought about how your heart or body speaks to you? The language of the body is the best known. You can quickly tell if you are tired, have a lot of energy or are in pain somewhere. The question is, what do you do with this information? Do you take a break or have another cup of coffee when you're tired? Do you take a painkiller or do you treat yourself to a massage, for example, when you feel sore?

Have you ever considered that an emotion such as anger could contain a valuable message, e.g. that someone has overstepped your boundaries, and how you can deal with it constructively? As we know, every emotion has a message for us to take action. If we act on this message, the emotion disappears again. If someone has stepped over your boundary, e.g. has been rude, the boundary should be re-established and the person needs to know that their behavior was inappropriate and they may even apologize for it. If you had not re-set this boundary, you would have suppressed your anger and there is a high probability that this person would show this behavior towards you again.

What about your energy levels? There is a nice saying: "Manage your energy, not your time". How often do we do things that drain our energy and then wonder why we are so often tired? What gives you joy in life. Do you follow the energy of joy?

Take a moment to think about when and how your heart speaks to you and consider what your life could look like if you listened to your heart more.

In coaching with horses, you learn how to use your innate resources - body, breathing, heart, emotions and energy - as an inner compass to lead a fulfilled life.